Vladimir Klenshev GRANDMASTER 10th DAN


Was born in Russia, in Altai region, on April 5, 1956.
The higher education, Barnaul pedagogical university, faculty of «Physical culture and sport» (1987 – 1992).
In 1976 became the winner of the USSR Championship on hand-to-hand fighting.
In 1977 has opened the first section of pankration in the USSR.
1984-1985 — The trainer — consultant of team of Hungary.
1986-1987 — The trainer — consultant of team of Romania.
In 1986 has opened his own school of pankration. More than 400 pupils trained at the school.
In 1989 has founded the Altai regional federation of pankration which had included 25 clubs of pankration, and 3500 pupils.
In 1991 has organized and has held the first open Championship of Russia. More than 450 athletes from 15 countries have taken part in it.
In 2002 has taken part in the World Congress of pankration (Greece).
In 2003 has registered «Federation of pankration of Russia» and has been elected as the president.
Now «The federation of pankration of Russia» contains more than 60000 athletes.
V. Klenshev has achieved recognition of pankration by the Ministry of Sport of Russia.
He is awarded by 27 Russian public awards for sport development.
He is included in Hall of Fame WUFC’s – 2011.
Has personally brought up 74 world champions, more than 200 champions of Russia.
Head coach of the «golden» Russian national team, the winner of the World Combat Games 2010, Beijing.
Head coach of the «golden» Russian national team, the winner of the World Combat Games 2013, St. Petersburg.

Author of books:
• «Pankration — the Program of 5 Summer Cycles of Training in Children’s Sports Clubs», 1984.
• «Hand-to-hand Fighting in deep snow, on ice and in the destroyed buildings», 1987, — for special troops of frontier troops of the USSR.
• «Practical Grant for Coaches and Athletes on Fight Pankration», 1999.
• «Theory of Weak Spots», 2010.
• «Pankration. The urgent help and reanimation at injuries during competitions and trainings», 2016.