Vasilios Katsaitis GRANDMASTER 10th DAN


50 years in the martial arts Born June 17, 1952 Patras, Greece
In 1961, he began training martial arts, giving him over 47 years experience and 33 years in his professional teaching career.
He is the father and founder of the Hellenic Martial Arts system known as OTHROSTADIN PYX- LAX RASSEIN PANKRATION, (Pyx- Lax Pankration) is world renown for his international instruction, including hall of fame recognition.
Also founded NABBA — North American Black Belt Association. Promoted the first Pankration tournament in Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA Pankration Classic Open.
In 1993, he started teaching his system.
In 1995 founded “The Karate Voice ”Cosmopolitan Florida Hall Of Fame/ Martial Arts Brotherhood — one of the most successful International organizations recognizing martial artists around the world that is held every December, over 6500 members. NATIONAL&INTERNATIONAL.
In 1995, he built his federation: International Pankration Athlima Federation.
In 1996 he built the A.P.A.F. American Pankration Athlima Federation.
Currently he has 169 black belts (to January 1- 2011) promoted in his own system around the world. Has promoted 198 seminars around the world including: Germany, Russia, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Serbia, Cypress, Canada , South America and North America Canada And USA.