Jim Harrison GRANDMASTER 10th DAN


Jim Harrison needs no introduction to anyone who has had even a passing interest in the combat sports during the past few decades. Known for his notorious battles during the unforgettable «Blood-N- Guts» era of American karate, He has been called the closest thing to a modern samurai the 20th century can produce.

Mr. Harrison was 3-time U.S. Karate Champion, 3-time All American Grand Champion, undefeated light-heavyweight Kickboxing Champion, and coach to the undefeated U.S. 1974-76 U.S. Professional Team.

He has trained U.S. Special Forces, Rangers, SEALs, Marine Recon and Delta Force, provided personal security for Chuck Norris, Linda (Mrs. Bruce) Lee and Prince Mikhail Matijasev, was awarded a Ph.D. for Research, Analysis and Instruction by Yudansakai University, was inducted into the International Karate Hall of Fame with Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee, and was Grandmaster Magazine’s Hall of Fame «Man of the Millenium.»

As feared and respected as Jim Harrison was (and remains) as a fighter, he was equally respected as a referee, and brings unequaled experience and expertise to the World Pankration Federation as a senior advisor,  with particular attention to competition rules and officiating.