Fernando Loio GRANDMASTER 10th DAN


Was born on 23rd.October.1963
Education: PhD in Sports Science; Master’s degree in sports science; Licentiate degree in sport and high grade (Grandmaster) in several Martial Arts and Combat Sports.
University: Instituto Politécnico da Guarda and Universidade da Beira Interior.
He has got several International Awards and Titles obtained in several countries, as sportsman, coach ambassador and martial arts / combat sports promotor.
He has founded WUFC World Ultimate Full Contact (Pankration); Federação Portuguesa de Full Contact/Pankration; Associação Full Contact de Viseu — LOIO Team.
About 1000 of his pupils have won national championships since 1974.
About 100 of his pupils became World Champions in different combat sports.
He has written Master’s Thesis: Perceção sobre as competências do treinador de Desportos de Combate.
He has directed his national federation of the country LOIO Team since 1974; WUFC since 1988; FPFC since 1992 (in which have held various positions: sportsman, coach, technical director, manager, promoter, international ambassador, president).