He has been in the martial arts for over 35 yrs. He introduced and have been teaching Pankration in Canada and around the world since 1985. He has served in the Greek Military and has been teaching military and Law Enforcement personnel Spartan Combat Pankration for over 20 years.
He has starred in a documentary from the History Channel’s Human Weapon series called Pankration: The original martial art.
He is inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame twice, in 2006 and 2008. He has promoted the release of the movie «300» on DVD for Warner Brothers.
He has numerous Affiliates for Armak-Pankration around the world and also he is the Representative for FILA in Canada for Olympic Pankration.
He is the only Pankration school world wide to have performed for the Athens 2004 Olympic Flame in Montreal as a ritual ceremony for the Flame when it came to the city on its way to Athens.